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Structural Home Inspection   -  $299 everyday low price 

Includes initial mold assessment at no additional cost if mold is found

Each inspection includes all the following areas; Roof, Exterior Walls, Exterior Grounds, Garage, Attic, Kitchen, Baths, General Interior, Laundry, Basement/Crawlspace, Electrical, Heat/AC, Plumbing, and Hot Water. Following the inspection, a full review of what was found will take place and reports, with pictures, is available online typically within 24 hours.
(add Termite or Radon only $399, add both only -$499)

2 Family Home or over 4,000 sq/ft add $75

4 Family Home or over 6,000 sq/ft add $125

Structural, Energy, and Thermal Image Inspection $350 Best Value

Includes everything in a structural inspection, plus a thermal image inspection and a custom energy audit of the home as it applies to your expected family usage. A detailed report will estimate your utility bills for this home. Energy report without home inspection: $275

Termite and Wood Destroying Insect Inspection - $100

Termites and other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a home, and most of the time it goes unnoticed until it is too late. Knowing what signs to look for to stop them before the damage is visible requires a trained commercial pest technician. 

Radon Test - $100
Radon is an invisible gas that is present in many of homes in this area, entering through the basement, crawlspace or slab foundation. Radon is a serious health risk if not mitigated correctly. We suggest all homes have radon testing. Electronic test equipment used for faster more accurate results.

Well Flow Testing - $60
A well flow test will help determine if there is a problem with the well or its associated equipment such as the pump and storage tank that requires further evaluation or repair by a professional well contractor. If you have a private well it is recommended you consider a well flow test. Check with your mortgage company, as this test may be required.

Water Quality Testing - $125 Bacteria only / $225 FHA
If you have a property or are purchasing a property that has a private well supplying water to the house, we suggest that you have testing done to determine the quality of the water. We will draw the water samples and deliver them to a qualified, approved laboratory for testing. We also test for Lead, Copper, Nitrates, POC/VOC, and more. Ask us for a quote, prices vary by lab fees.

Methamphetamine Residue Testing - $50 per test

New York has no laws requiring sellers to disclose if methamphetamines were produced in the house. Residue and by-products of methamphetamine production are dangerous and undetected without testing.

Repair Verification - $150

We are happy to return and inspect anything that has been repaired as a result of our initial inspection. A list of what is to be inspected must be provided prior to the visit.

Indoor Air Quality Test starting at $250

We can test the quality of the air in your home as it compares to air outside the home. Mold, pollen, and other allergens can be discovered. Three tests are included, additional test at $75 each.

Mold Assessment - Starting at $299

Mold, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, can be found everywhere, and is generally not a problem, unless it is growing indoors. Controlling mold means controlling moisture.  In New York, before mold can be removed, and assessor needs to evaluate the work to be done, and if possible, determine the underlying cause to be corrected. The assessor working with the abatement company will determine if the mold was effectively removed and the cause corrected.

Home Inspector

$299 Structural Inspections (includes complementary mold inspection)