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Well and Water Testing

Well Testing

Having clean water is important, having enough of if it is also important. A well flow test will confirm that you have an ample supply of water on demand, and that your plumbing components can handle continued use at a consistent rate. We will measure the water, typically at three gallons a minute and confirm this is constant over the course of an hour. If at the end of the test the well is not producing at the same rate we began this indicates an issue with the amount of water available or the capability of the well components. Knowing the depth of your well won’t tell you either of these things. We recommend a well flow test on every home purchased with a well.

Water Testing

Clean water is essential, and often something we take for granted. Water is one of the most overlooked items when purchasing a new home, however, could be one of the most important. All homes with wells should be tested for bacteria in the water, your mortgage may even require it. Beyond bacteria, consider testing for heavy metals and other contaminates. Many believe there is no need to test water on a public system, however recent events have proven otherwise. Just because the water source is clean, if your home was built before 1980 there could be lead solder used in your plumbing and the supply line connecting the home to the public system. Consider testing your water for lead as a part of your home inspection.

We can test for: Lead, Copper, Coliform (bacteria), Nitrate, Nitrite, Magnesium, Mercury, VOCs/POCs, Hardness, Alkalinity and more. If you don’t see a test you are concerned about, let us know.