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$299 Structural Inspections (includes complimentary mold inspection)

​Please complete your agreement prior to your inspection time. Please read this entire page for payment instructions and services. 

Repeat inspections for the same client on the same property do not need additional signatures. This includes repair verification inspections and mold clearances. 

Agreements are not immediately available and can typically be accessed 48 hours before the inspection. An email will be sent when your agreement is ready to be signed.

After a contract between you and Carey Home Inspection has been created online by InterNACHI's Agreement System. It can be accessed here. To view and sign it, go to:
https://www.nachi.org/viewagreement and follow these instructions:

  • Enter your email address that was provided to us, then click "Get Your Inspection Agreement".
  • Read over the agreement, then click the box by the paragraph that states "Client or Client's Representative has carefully read..."
  • Make sure your name is correct and enter your initials.
  • Click "Securely Sign". Your IP address will be automatically stored to identify you.
  • After you've finished signing the agreement, the Inspector will be automatically notified.

Payment Methods

Preferred payment is cash or check. Please make checks payable to Carey Home Inspection, LLC. Credit Card payment available, fees may apply.

If your lender requires any specific inspections such as a pest inspection or FHA/VA water test please inform us before the inspection date.

If you wish to add services not specified in your agreement please email us indicating which services.

Additional services we offer include:

Radon Testing - information on radon https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/indoor-air-quality.html

Termite Inspections - information on termite inspections https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/termite-inspections.html

Chimney Inspection - recommended for all houses with wood burning fireplaces. This is an interior camera inspection of the chimney liner. Information on chimney inspections https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/chimney-inspections.html

Sewer Scope Inspections - information on sewer inspections https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/sewer.html

Well and water Testing - list of water tests available https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/water---well-testing.html

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing - information on mold and air testing https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/indoor-air-quality.html

Solar System Inspections - ideal for homes with installed solar electric systems.

A complete list of services and prices https://www.careyhomeinspection.com/services.html

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