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Many people are surprised to find out that the main drain that connects their house to the city sewer is their responsibility. Damage to this drain can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Also, repairs often mean digging up the yard which results in lost landscaping, flowerbeds, and possibly driveway repairs. 

Many drains prior to the 1970’s were installed using clay tile, cast iron or Orangeburg. The life of clay tiles and cast iron buried pipes can be about 75 years or more while Orangeburg is typically less than 50 year.  One issue with clay and cast iron is that infiltration of roots is common as plants and trees search for water. This can lead to obstructed requiring routine cleaning, or can even damage drains. 

Even a partially obstructed drain, like those pictured here, will appear normal during a home inspection, or at worst will present as slow draining sinks and tubs. Without a sewer scope inspection there is no way to determine the type or condition of the drain interior. As a buyer, you co9uld be purchasing a routine maintenance issue, or a soon to be major repair.

Using a sewer scope we will open the clean out cap and insert a camera through the drain to inspect for issues. This typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes and can be done at the inspection. 

All homes built prior to 1975 or those with slow moving drains should consider adding a sewer scope inspection to their home inspection.

Partially obstructed drain

Inspecting a sewer line at a home inspection

Clean drain pipe

Sewer Scope Inspections

Tree roots in a drain pipe

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